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This feature mimics the behavior of the ‘eclipse’, ‘idea’, etc. Gradle plugins for Flex projects. It generates IDE configuration files and puts the dependencies from the Gradle/Maven cache on the IDE’s build path. It consists of subplugins for all known Flex IDE’s which can be applied separately. As of GradleFx v0.5 only the FlashBuilder subplugin has been implemented.

If you want support for all known IDE’s load the plugin like this:

apply plugin: 'ide'

In any other case just apply the required subplugins.


There is a plugin for each of the following IDE’s; each plugin has its matching task:

IDE load plugin execute task

IDE Load plugin Execute task
FDT apply plugin: ‘fdt’ gradle fdt
FlashBuilder apply plugin: ‘flashbuilder’ gradle flashbuilder
FlashDevelop apply plugin: ‘flashdevelop’ gradle flashdevelop
FlashBuilder apply plugin: ‘flexbuilder’ gradle flexbuilder
IntelliJ IDEA apply plugin: ‘ideafx’ gradle idea

The IDEA plugin was named ideafx to avoid conflicts with the existing ‘java’ idea plugin. All these plugins exist, however only flashbuilder is operational in GradleFx v0.5.

Every IDE plugin depends on the Scaffold plugin (cf. Templates Plugin) that generates the directory structure and the main application file.

Each of these plugins also has a matching clean task; for instance you could remove all the FlashBuilder configuration files from a project by executing gradle cleanFlashbuilder.

FlashBuilder plugin

Load the plugin:

apply plugin: 'flashbuilder'

Run the associated task:

gradle flashbuilder

With all conventions the output for a swf application might be something like this:

Creating directory structure
Creating main class
Verifying project properties compatibility with FlashBuilder
Creating FlashBuilder project files


To clean the project, i.e. remove all FlashBuilder configuration files:

gradle cleanFlashbuilder

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